We’re so sorry to let you know that Baildon Farmers Market now WON’T be taking place on Saturday. At every stage, we’ve taking guidance from Bradford Markets, and their latest advice has meant that we are not able to go ahead.

To give you the detail: Bradford Markets have just advised us that Kirkgate Market is closing with immediate effect and all non-food stalls at the Oastler Centre and Keighley Market are also closing.

We have been advised that, should we go ahead, we would have to be able to enforce social distancing. At their own markets, they will be introducing crowd control measures and using additional security staff to ensure customers keep at least 2 metres away from each other in queues. We have been advised that if we can’t enforce such social distancing, we must review our decision to go ahead. Regretfully, we don’t feel we can realistically enforce this, and so, the market is cancelled.

You can see a list of all stallholders here, along with links to their Facebook pages or websites. Many of them are offering delivery and so we urge you to support them if you can.